Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Spring Colours Week on Poppytalk

You may have noticed from my Facebook and Twitter snippets that I took part in Poppytalk's Spring Colours Week over on Flickr last week. I'm enjoying the process of being involved in community projects at the moment - perhaps because a lot of my time is spent cooped up alone with my design work!

I was a real pleasure to grab a camera and pull together something at short notice... it's been quite some time since I was the one behind the lens with control over the buttons! I used JW's Sigma SD14 with an old Olympus lens if you are interested in the techy details (can't say that means a whole lot to me but I love the look it gives, so I'm a happy bunnie)

The premise of the project is that for the duration of a week, you take a photo of anything that is Spring related in the colour specified for that day. You can only submit shots in that colour on that specific day so that the Flickr gallery remains in colour order for a stunning visual impact, look at the week's round up at the top of the post or the whole gallery here to see what I mean. Isn't it gorgeous?

I joined the party a day late and so missed the first colour which was green but the rest of the week went like this...
Tuesday - Yellow
Wednesday - Pink
Thursday - Lavender
Friday - White

I used items that I have lurking around the studio and the house (ok so they're much of the same thing!) and here is what I came up with. The full details and little story behind each item can be found on my Flickr photostream here

 As you can see I got more into the flow of things toward the end of the week! Judging by the fabulous selection of photos uploaded to Poppytalk's Colours Weeks gallery this is an ongoing, seasonal focused project. I'll certainly be participating in the Summer Colours Week when it happens... and this time I'll be more prepared!

You can view my Flickr photostream here I'd love to hear what you think of it!

Lisa xx

{gallery images by Poppytalk, yellow by Jeremy Wilson, Pink, Lavender & White by Lisa Pocklington}

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