Monday, 4 June 2012

Brit Brit Hooray! It's The Queen's Jubilee!

Have you been enjoying the diamond jubilee holiday weekend? Bunting, brollies and good old British spirit has enveloped the UK from what I have seen across the internet and telly - it's made me feel quite homesick!

My Brit Brit Hooray! union jack cushion pattern (top) has been selling well of late, I made this vintage fabric version in the Get Smitten colour palette so that it sits nicely in my studio and I also have my crochet bunting up in here too. If you didn't catch the post, there is a step by step tutorial on how to make it here

I also have on display a beautiful commemorative mug from the 1977 Silver Jubilee which I picked up a few years ago, before I even realised that there was a jubilee coming up! I was taken with the elegant shape of the mug and the soft colours of the transfer, subtly enhanced by gold filigree. I think her Maj looks lovely with some sweet, garden flowers up top - although she does have a leaky bottom and I've had to put a small glass jar inside for the water!

The only other memorabilia of this Diamond Jubilee I have succumbed to is this tin from Marks & Spencer - they did a range of three designs and I fell for the vintage feel of this silhouette one. The shortbread was exceptionally tasty too! I am also trying to convince a shop owner to part with a small vintage tin from their window display - it's from the Queen's Coronation and is so incredibly pretty... I'll keep you posted on that one if I have success! Oh and a few bits of patriotic ribbon that I've not decided what to do with yet!

Here in the Alps we were blessed with fabulous weather on Saturday and so a few of us expats gathered to eat cucumber sarnies (which got toasted by the sun!), Victoria sponge cake, strawberries and cream scones. Finally an excuse to wear a pretty summer frock and a tiara! Do you like my red and blue nails?!

It's funny, I have no recolection whatsoever of the Golden Jubilee, nor have I seen any memorabilia for it in my recent magpie adventures, hunting for vintage treasures. The 1977 celebrations seem to be the one most of us remember. I dug out some wonderfully nostalgic photos of our little street party, held at a neighbour's house; looks like we were blessed with decent weather that English summer!

That's me, the tiny blonde with the white top and bandy legs eyeing up the cocktail sausages on a stick. I love in the last photo how I'm stuffing my face - and check out that gorgeous A-line zig zag skirt on the lady behind me. Vintage-tastic goodness!

What have you been up to for the Diamond Jubilee? I'll leave you with this farewell Royal wave from Her Maj The Queen and Prince Philip from the marvellous book, Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble

Lisa x

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