Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Get Smitten's Make, Do and Mend Workshop Series

Running a series of creative workshops has long been a dream of mine as I love to inspire & encourage others to create & think creatively. Putting yourself out there as an expert is a little daunting in truth & although I'd had the idea for quite some time, I had been faced with the usual avoidance/excuse obstacles. You know the ones... the but where will I host it? what will people want to learn? and will anyone even come? ones.

I've been doing a lot of personal development work of late - identifying what it is I really want & removing many obstacles that have been pinning me down; re-releasing my creative spirit you might say! I've learned an awful lot and gained some courage & so with the support of my wonderful friends, I kicked fear in the pants and finally launched the Get Smitten Make, Do & Mend Workshops! yippeeeeee!

I need not have feared, for the first workshop, entitled..

Up-cycle Your Unloved Jewellery

...has been a total sell-out success! The take up was so much more than I'd anticipated, to the point where I have had to run it twice in the first week with a line up of people ready for the October classes. I am smiling from ear to ear!

It's such a wonderful feeling to know you have inspired someone's creativity and so rewarding to see the look of (surprised) achievement when they realise what they are capable of doing. I am so proud of my new students - all of whom left the session demanding to know when the next one would be! - and have been delighted to receive texts such as..
"I love my bracelet! Been flashing it in front of the mirror"
"Thank u for an excellent night, it was great. I love my new jewellery!"
How lovely is that?! I had grand plans to photo reportage the sessions but in all the excitement & frenzied jewellery up-cycling, I totally forgot! I began well & captured the cake we served up at the end during our show-&-tell (see above, mmmm chocolate & pear!) and then one of all the girls on the Sunday session, but none of their creations. Perhaps they will be so kind as to upload some shots onto the Facebook Up-Cycle Your Unloved Jewellery album. Ladies?...

And so, armed with my new courage & legion of eager participants I have created a full range of Make, Do & Mend workshops which will run as of October. In the Make series I provide a kit with all the necessary materials & instructions for completing a project during the workshop. The Do series is all about learning a brand new skill. And the Mend series will cover repairs & up-cycling garments & accessories. I will reveal the timetable of classes nearer the time, I'm just working out the pricing

So YAY! Get Smitten Make, Do & Mend Workshops are a-go go go!!

I hope you'll join me on one soon

Lisa xx

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