Monday, 18 April 2011

Spring Clean Your Handbag!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who frantically rifles through her handbag looking for the ringing phone, the car keys when you're late or the pen you know is in there somewhere. I would say my handbag is generally of average size... until of course the moment I require something urgently; and then it instantly transforms into a Mary Poppins-esque, never-reach-the-bottom, infuriating carpet bag of everything under the sun other than the item I'm looking for. It is not unusual in these moments to hear me say very bad words and tip the whole thing upside down until said item is located. Not very classy... especially in public!

And so, I decided to rid my bag of all the unnecessary clutter that I have been dragging around with me on a daily basis. Here's what I found...
  • some loose coins
  • scraps of fabric & thread
  • 2 packs of biscuits reduced to crumbs
  • 3 tags used in a photo shoot last winter!
  • empty paracetamol packet
  • a used stamp
  • 2 hair bobbles (been wondering where that Japanese fabric covered one was!)
  • the band from a ball of wool
  • a Champagne cork (either New Year or another stray styling prop)
  • a flat, striped pebble
  • a chewy sweet so old it would pull your teeth out
  • 3 business cards
  • entry tickets to an art exhibition
  • litmus paper sticks (???? I have no idea... seriously!)
  • a tape measure keyring (yay for Christmas cracker gifts that no-one else wants!)
  • a pen that doesn't work
To spring clean my handbag and get rid of all that rubbish quite literally is a weight off my shoulders... and I mean that both physically as well as metaphorically; it's a little alarming the clutter we allow to build up around us. In our homes, our work spaces, our car and even our handbag. It feels enlightening to be free of items that serve no purpose in our day to day life and to have a proper home for those items that we choose to keep

Beauty items are now in a cute zip purse, phone lives in designated phone pocket, spare fabric shopper lives in side pocket (no plastic bags for me thanks!) while main items such as purse, diary, cheque book and car keys happily sit in the main pocket without getting tangled amongst rubbish. Ah, bliss

Life's clutter can weigh you down and it's both therapeutic as well as necessary to keep check on what negative items we allow to accumulate. I'm pretty pleased with my lightweight, junk-free, very organised handbag. You should try it!

Lisa x


  1. Lisa, I love this...especially as an Organizer! You certainly can tell a lot about a person by what's in their bag and the condition of the contents! I tweeted this. Are you on twitter?

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm curious to know what that all says about me! Yes, I'm on Twitter.. @getsmittenxx

    Thanks for the tweet!


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