Monday, 12 November 2012

Lest We Forget

I felt compelled to do a little more than simply buy a paper poppy pin for Remembrance Sunday this year; I wanted to create a simple and tasteful piece that I can display in the house each year or perhaps on the front door, as you would a Christmas wreath

I began with a lovely, demure vintage fabric from the current Get Smitten vintage fabric fat quarter collection and traced my text directly onto it. I then stretched it tightly in a standard wooden embroidery hoop and used a grey embroidery thread to neatly back stitch over the wording

To tidy up the fabric around the edges so that it can be displayed, I simply used a cotton sewing thread to pull all the edges into the centre at the back so it cannot be seen. And for a professional finish, I cut a piece of grey felt the same size as the inner part of the embroidery hoop and glued it in place to hide all the messy bits

For the glittery poppy, I took apart a paper poppy bought from the lovely people at the British Legion and applied several coats of red, glittery nail polish. This helps to strengthen the poppy and allow it to stand up to a bit more wear and tear if the work is to be displayed on the front door

I count myself fortunate to have never directly known anyone who has given their precious life in war; I truly hope it stays that way and I am grateful to all those brave souls who have made such an incredible sacrifice. I will display my comemorative embroidery with pride and perhaps add an extra poppy to it each year

Lisa x

{All images by Lisa Pocklington for Get Smitten using Instagram - follow me @lisapocklington -  Vintage fabric fat quarter available at Get Smitten on Etsy}

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