Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Designer: Boudoir Butterflies Textile Artwork

Boudoir Butterflies Textile Artwork by Lisa Pocklington

Boudoir Butterflies Textile Artwork
by Lisa Pocklington

One of my favourite ever pieces of textile artwork is my Boudoir Butterflies - I have produced it in various colourways ranging from deep raspberry, gold & black (seen below) to duck-egg blue, ochre & black as pictured above. There is something timeless & feminine about both the colours and the delicacy of the butterflies. I am as in love with it now as I was when I first designed it a couple of years ago - and it remains my best seller!

Exhibition of Textile Art by Lisa Pocklington Poster

Poster for Exhibition of Textile Art by Lisa Pocklington 
featuring Boudoir Butterflies

The subtle - almost chinoisery - colour palette is currently available in my Etsy boutique and was just featured in this Etsy Treasury by Waterrose. She selected pieces that were hand embroidered & I am so very delighted to be included!

That's me, bottom row centre left.

Thanks Rose! x

{all images by Lisa Pocklington for Smitten with it all}

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

In the Press: Get Smitten 'Snow & Neige' cushions

My lovely friend Florence, of stylish interiors boutique Reves d'Hiver in Chamonix, recently gave Altus magazine some ideas for creating a cozy mountain home. She has the best eye when it comes to mixing new trends & contemporary furnishings in a more traditional, and often overly 'woody' home. I am delighted that she chose to feature my
Snow & Neige 
cushions (top right), both as a product shot and in the main image of the article. Looks like I'll be busy hand stitching snowflakes again this coming winter!

Merci Flo! x

p.s the Snow & Neige cushions will be available at my online boutique in the Autumn

{main room image & Snow & Neige cushions shot by Jeremy Wilson}

Sunday, 27 June 2010

*Magpie* - Vintage Suitcases

The vide-grenier season is well under way here in France. It translates as "empty the attic" and is our version of a car-boot sale but without the car! If you are organised (I'm not!), prepared to travel a bit and so inclined, you can pretty much spend all weekend, every weekend through the summer months scouring other people's junk for a few new treasures!

Last weekend we hit up a local vide-grenier with only a few euros in our pockets not expecting great shakes. Amongst general clutter (yay, finally got me some cross country skis! and a couple of books) I came across these 2 identical gems at the most insanely affordable price... cue happy dance!

I've been searching for the ubiquitous vintage valise for years - after all, no stylist worth their salt ought to be without one! They have always been either too tatty or (usually) too expensive but these lovelies are in mint nick. Sure, they have signs of wear. Yep, the linen is a little grubby. But all the fasteners work, the fabric & leather trim is perfectly worn & they are a great size. I can't stop smiling when I look at them

So until they are required to strut their vintage stuff in a photo shoot, they are happily storing yarns & vintage fabrics.

Thank you lady at the vide-grenier! I am one very happy magpie x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day!

with love xx
{photo of me & my Dad by Kay Pocklington c.1974}

Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Dimension - adding tactile quality to my 2D images

I totally forget how & when I first stumbled across the magnificence that is House of 3. If you've never heard of them or never seen the fabulousness they create then pop on over to check them out right now!

Made up of 3 friends - separated by geographical location - Rhonna Farrer, Heidi Swapp & Janet Hopkins pool their talents to bring you affordable, original and downright gorgeous graphics as well as inspiration on how to put them to beautiful use.

Lisa Pocklington Textile Art Shoe Detail
 "No such thing as too many"
textile art by Lisa Pocklington

I love the femininity, fluidity & pictorial quality of their work - it reminds me of my own textile work (above) in the way that subtle colours are playing off each other & that there are layers upon layers of interest hidden there if only you look close enough. I also love to incorporate text & mixed media into my work - to me, the House of 3 graphics are the digital version of how I create.

Graphics is a new medium for me - and I must stress at this point that I do not intend to move away from textile work - but as I explore the digital world via my website, my online boutique and this blog, I find that I have been looking for a way to inject a little bit of me into it. I'm a tactile kind of gal, anything with a nice texture & I'm there. It's as though I read information through my fingertips (hmm did I say that out loud?). So sometimes graphics can feel a little stark to me. I'm thinking that with a little help from House of 3 I can make my photos & internet endeavours a bit more touchy-feely looking

Lucky for me this process happened right around the time that the ladies were offering a great summer promo & so I felt the time had come to dip my virtual toe into the world of photo manipulation/digital collage. Actually it was more of a plunge, as I splurged on several brush sets, png files, masks and even a few printables! I am still just feeling my way around the complexities of Photoshop but have so far managed to load my brushes and have a quick play. I am hoping to figure out how to add a bit of flourish to the end of each post on this blog - a bit like an auto signature. Keep your eyes posted for that one in the (hopefully!) near future and wish me luck!  x

{All images of graphics by Rhonna Farrer for House of 3, "No such thing as too many" textile art by Lisa Pocklington - photo by Jeremy Wilson}

Friday, 11 June 2010

Vision Boards - a window into your future

 I'm no stranger to the practice of tear-sheets, mood boards, sketchbooks and vision boards. After all, as a creative person it comes with the territory. At Art School you document ideas, inspirations & techniques constantly in sketchbooks. As an Interior Designer I would create mood boards & room settings to get my ideas across to clients. As a Stylist I reference style ideas with tear-sheets, & all of the lifestyle magazines I have worked for have walls full of vision boards for their current issue. I guess they could be considered the  
visual version of list making 
- they serve as a memory jogger, a goal setter, a 'this is what I'm aiming for'

Without realising it you are probably familiar with them yourself, especially if you follow design led blogs such as Design*Sponge or The City Sage. These blogs regularly visually round up a collection of images based on a theme (my all time fave is the Living In posts on D*S. Pride and Prej inspired board pictured above). You may even have a pile of tear-sheets yourself; things that have sparked an interest, an idea that you'd like to refer back to at some point. Perhaps you are more reserved & simply fold over the corner of a page in a magazine. Either way, the principal is the same & it also translates into the digital world too. Do you bookmark sites that you like? If you are anything like me you have about a gazillion pages bookmarked for later reference - not always an efficient filling system, but hey!

It is no surprise then, that you can now produce an all digital, fabulously professional looking, vision board online. Hurrah for technology! Olioboard comes recommended but I have yet had the chance to play around with it. Don't you worry though, I have ideas brewing for its uses!

So back to my earlier point of being familiar with this exercise when it comes to my creative process. It HAS proven success. It helps reach the intended goal. It documents the idea. All good then. But until recently, I had never thought to  
apply this tried & tested approach to ME!

I have, of late, been struggling to get to where I think I ought to be in terms of achievement. I've been feeling unfocused and a little (ok, a lot) stuck in a rut. Less so in creative terms, but hugely in Life terms. This has led to some soul searching; some questioning, and plenty of research. (yay for the internet!)

I have been subscribing to the wise words of Christine Kane (amongst others) via her Be Creative Be Conscious Be Courageous blog as well as her Live Creative e-zine, and she actively advocates the exercise of producing a vision board to help you get to where you want to be. She is so encouraging in this field that she has complied articles & a free download to guide you through the process. I feel like I have taken a step in the right direction - I feel that by dedicating a few hours to ME and what I would like MY FUTURE to be that I have begun the long journey in getting there. Perhaps I'll share my vision with you in a later post. If I'm feeling brave enough!

Do you sometimes feel you have lost your way? How do you get back on track?

{image 1 by Emily Burlingame on Olioboard, image 2 by Amy Merrick for Design*Sponge, image 3 by Polly Rowan on Olioboard, image 4 from Christine Kane's Blog}

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fendi DIY Bag - the ultimate in handmade?

Off the success of the Paint-it-Yourself tote bag, Fendi have included in their Spring 2010 collection an embroiderer/fashionista's dream;  
the DIY baguette bag

Neat. You get to combine your love for high fashion with your creative eye & skillful hand. The bag comes as a kit, in tapestry canvas form, complete with needles & a selection of threads with which to work your stitchery magic. Imagine the endless possibilities of fabulousness and better still, for once you will be the owner of a totally unique designer handbag! What's not to like?
 Thus far, I'm sold on the idea. I like to customise. I like fabulous handbags. I Like to own & wear unique accessories. Then comes the part where I spit my tea out across my desk. Did you say $1000??!! Yes, my friends, this wearable tapestry kit will set you back one thousand dollars (well just under actually - you can grab one at Net-a-Porter if you happen to have a spare grand kicking around)

Part of me would like to applaud Fendi for this idea - they have embraced the handmade market and cranked it up a notch. But does the kind of gal with a habit for a 1k handbag really want to make it herself? I mean those of us who DO make our own accessories generally don't want to spend that kind of money just on the raw materials. Just imagine how much thread/yarn/fabric etc you COULD buy for a grand...... indulge me a moment; I'm imagining!

I imagine there are certain ladies out there who do like to make their own mark in fashion & who are fortunate enough to have that kind of money for a fun project. Yay for them! I also imagine that there are a larger amount of women who just like the idea of this kind of project - we've all done it; seen a great kit at a show, been inspired, then let it languish at the bottom of a drawer (hello Mum!). Now, that's a lot of money to be languishing at the bottom of a drawer!

However, it seems that someone has already thought of this & created a class at Bergdorf Goodman espesh to help those lucky ladies make that Fendi dream bag a reality. Oh to be a fly on the wall! 

{images by Net-a-Porter & Bergdorf Goodman}

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hair Candy

It's always heart warming to know that someone out there in the wonderful world of gorgeous things officially announces that they like what you do. My pink vintage fabric Hair Candy was featured in an Etsy Treasury East by eveneve recently & I am sooo pleased to be mentioned amongst such delicious vintage fabric wares. I am in love with that tote bag on the left... and the insulated lunch bag... and that pretty little neck scarf. Let's face it, I am in love with vintage floral fabric!

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