Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day in England... funny how it differs from country to country. My Mum has a lot to answer for; she is pretty much responsible for nurturing my creativity from an early age - dressing up was only part of all the fun, creative stuff we did together but she did make me the most amazing dresses to play in. I remember feeling so special in this little bride's costume... there was a plastic bouquet of flowers that I had to go with it too. I think it was my big grey teddy bear that played the part of the groom. He was called Steve

She has the best stash of patterns and supplies (now superbly vintage!) that she has always been generous in sharing with me. She has taught me so many techniques and skills over the years, from embroidery to crochet and accompanied me to countless fabric stores and in more recent times, trade shows. Her support & enthusiasm is unwavering. She helps me source supplies, she does market research and she helps me tweak ideas. And when it comes to talking fabrics - no one can out-do us, we are unstoppable!

In short, I would not be me without her!

I love you Mum, Happy Mother's Day!

Lisa xx

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  1. this is so nice) send greetings to his mother from Prague)


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