Monday, 6 February 2012

Daydream Believer

When was the last time you allowed yourself to make a great big, fat list of all the things you want? I'm willing to bet it was probably addressed to Mr Santa Claus and was at least a decade ago if not two. It seems that somewhere along the journey of growing up we forget how to ask for all the things we want and how to fixate ourselves on those desires coming true with every fibre of our being. In short, we lose the power of daydreaming.

Now, obviously, there are reasons for this - after all, the real world can be a tough place to negotiate and we have all the daily pressures of life to deal with. Real, hard, scary and difficult things that our survival depends upon. But most of us find this becomes all we have room to think about and so we forget about our dreams or we feel wrong for spending time thinking about them when there is all this serious stuff to contend with.

As a society we are quick to condemn those who dare to express their desires; who do they think they are, wanting all those unrealistic things? As kids we learnt early on that it's rude to say "I want.." and are told "I want doesn't get" or that you only have the right to such desires at Christmas time or birthdays. And so as adults we are incredibly disconnected with tapping into or regularly daydreaming about our wants and desires. It's not what grown-ups do.

Having decided a few years back to change what I was very unhappy with in my grown up life, I began to ask myself what it was that I wanted? It felt like a very un-natural and almost uncomfortable question. I wasn't at all used to thinking about what I really wanted deep down and with all my heart - surely such thoughts would only lead to disappointment, right?

Wrong. Sitting down with a pad of paper and allowing myself to freely go ahead and list all the things I really, really want - no matter how far fetched they seemed at the time - was liberating. It felt weird & forced to begin with, but as I relaxed into it and realised that this list was only for me to read, I let rip and those desires flowed out of me! It felt fantastic to air dreams I didn't even know I'd been repressing.

I still have that list and re-reading it makes me smile. It is essentially my life's daydream - what I want for myself; where I'm heading. I believe that having a daydream and vision of what you want for yourself is healthy, it keeps positivity alive and its very existence is more likely to make it happen.

How will you get anywhere if you don't have a destination in mind?

How will you have a dream come true, if you don't have a dream?

Try it, make that list. Dig deep and let your imagination run free. Don't hinder yourself with guilt and practicalities - they have no place in daydreams.

Dream big

Lisa x

{Daydream List artwork by Katie Daisy for The Wheatfield}

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