Monday, 30 January 2012

*Magpie* - Like Crochet Doilies for Snowflakes

On one of my recent magpie hunting trips to a huge brocante, I was lucky enough to score some top quality, beautifully hand crafted, vintage crochet doilies. They were not the usual op shop/charity shop prices but sometimes it really is worth paying more for such gems; and judging by the exquisite workmanship of these beauties and the intricacy of the designs, I am happy to have invested in some glorious textile heritage

Each design is totally unique and perfect. It struck me how similar they are to snowflakes; both in their individuality as well as their beauty

There is something quite magical about the serenity and purity of snowflakes, don't you agree? These vintage doilies hold the same appeal to me; I am completely captivated by them and would love to incorporate them into my home decor somehow

I'm not sure what plans I have for them as yet - perhaps as the collection grows I will have them framed against a deep grey background and hung on the wall, or maybe I'll sew them all together to make a beautiful curtain or bed throw

Until a decision is made though, I shall just get them out once in a while to coo over them and caress their crisp perfection (...oops did I say that out loud?!)

Lisa x

{all images by Lisa Pocklington}

Sunday, 22 January 2012

*Designer* - New Sewing & Crochet Pattern by Get Smitten. Let it Snow!

We are experiencing massive snow storms here in the French Alps - the size of the snowflakes on Saturday night were the biggest I've ever seen.... like giant feathers, silently floating to earth; it was magical!

It is a happy coincidence then, that the latest pattern from my Get Smitten studio is all about having snow-fall on demand from the prettiest cloud in town. I launched the Let it Snow! cloud mobile pattern earlier this week on Etsy so I thought I'd let you know about it too!

I have committed to launching a new Get Smitten pattern each month throughout 2012 - so watch this space for updates and news..... and to keep me accountable to achieve that goal!

All my Get Smitten patterns are available in downloadable pdf format and contain full, detailed instructions on how to make each item. I take you step by step through the process as if you were on one of my creative workshops and provide close up photos to help you deal with any tricky parts. In fact those of you who have attended any of my creative workshops will know the level of detail and extra helpful information I put in my hand-outs!

The Let it Snow! cloud mobile is a super simple sewing pattern - complete with cloud template - which looks gorgeous made up in any of my Get Smitten vintage fabrics. All you need is...

* 1 fat quarter of vintage fabric

* some ribbon

* 1 skein of embroidery cotton

* a crochet hook

* pre-made mini pompoms or felted balls

* stuffing

....and it really should only take you a few hours to make {honest!}

The photos were taken a few days before this latest fresh dump of snow and it was about ten degrees below zero... seriously chilly stuff, we didn't stick around too long I can tell ya! I had wanted to wear my funky blue Mary Jane shoes with this outfit but there was no way my little tootsies would ever have survived! Fur lined boots were a much wiser choice! I'm also loving my new grey lace tights and denim blue nails; do you like?

The tiny pompoms used here were actually cut from some upholstery trim I had (in fact they were the inspiration for this sweet creation!) but you can buy pre-made ones in most craft stores or even have a go at making your own. My friend Samantha has written a great tutorial on how to make felt balls on her blog

I hope you like the first pattern release of the year, I am excited to get started on February's one already. I'll release it early on in the month as it will be Valentine related and you'll need time to get busy on it ready for the 14th!

Do you have snow where you are? Do you still get excited when the first flakes fall?

Lisa x

Friday, 20 January 2012

*Stylist* - featured in rom1.2.3 magazine

When we arrived back from our Christmas whirlwind tour of the UK, there was a lovely little parcel waiting for us from afar. Although I don't read any Norwegian, it was wonderful to flick through the December issue of rom1.2.3 magazine which featured a story we styled, shot and wrote here in France a while ago, in fact it was originally featured in Livingetc last winter

They used a great selection of the shots, want to have a look? Grab a cup of tea and scroll down!

The story is called Winter Dreams and tells how owners Flo & Guillaume transformed a derelict carpenter's workshop into the home of their dreams here in Chamonix. They have made amazing use of the space and worked so very hard to get it looking so cosy

Did you spot the Get Smitten cushions in Flo's grey lounge? She commissioned a set of grey cashmere snowflake ones from me after agreeing to carry the line in her homewares boutique Reves d'Hiver. And the Space Cadet artwork in Simon & Charlie's room is one of my textile art pieces too

My favourite is the main bedroom shot - I just love the mix of textures on the bed. I made the yellow vintage fabric with grey velvet trim cushions specifically for this shoot. I'm thinking they'll look fab in our 'new' campervan this summer if JW manages to fix all its problems! More on that another time... there is too much snow out there for him to tinker on it at the moment

It was fun to flick through the pages of a foreign interiors mag - especially a Scandinavian one; they have such a strong design sense, or perhaps the appeal is that it is so different to the English and French ones that I am used to seeing? Either way, I can tell you it has fueled my desire to visit Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo for some design inspiration

Where have you been in Scandinavia? Where/what can you recommend for me to visit there? I feel the seeds of a trip being planted!

Lisa  x

{photos by Jeremy Wilson, styling by Lisa Pocklington, pages scanned from December 2011 rom123}

Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 a year for change

As the first week of 2012 draws to a close I feel ready to decide on my word of the year. I already have a taster of what I feel lies ahead for me this year.. which is revealing in itself as previously I have had no idea. I have recently come through a very dark and lonely period of my life and feel as though I am seeing the world - my world - through a new pair of eyes. The personal work I have been focusing on for the past 18 months is really now showing signs of coming to fruition and for the first time in along time, I feel ripe for the plucking! (if you'll pardon the expression!)

I have fought demons, shone light into dark corners and wrestled mindsets. I have cleansed, purged and forged new habits. I have learned so much and have let a lot of things go. Change is already happening - for the better - and I am ready for more. I know that there are more things that I will need to let go this year and I can feel a lot of resistance around this. I am trusting that the outcome will be the right one

And this is why I have chosen Clarity as my word of the year for 2012. It is time to get clear on what my destiny is, make some decisions and take some action. I have been wandering aimlessly for too long and life feels too short to live that way

I also have a feeling that once clarity has done its work, the real changes will happen fast and so I am offering myself a second word to use in its place, when the time is right. That word is Purpose. It's time to live life with purpose and on purpose, but first I need the clarity with which to do that

I am scared but excited

I hope you'll join me for the ride

Lisa x

To read more about having a word for the year, read this great article by my friend Katy at Success for Solopreneurs - she explains it really well

And for help choosing your own word of the year, try Christine Kane's Word of the Year discovery tool

2012 crafty calendar by Mandi Cromer for Design Birdie

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