Monday, 25 April 2011

Joyeux Pacques!

Are you stuffed with chocolate? Did you have a lovely Easter? I hope so...

We had a quiet time here at Get Smitten HQ; no Easter Egg hunts or big family gatherings and roast lamb dinners for us. We are currently confined to one room whilst the roof is being repaired (a little nerve-wracking when you actually live in the roof of a mid 19th Century period building!) and so, with having no-where else to go, we stayed in bed! Thanks to the Easter Bunny and a bake-tastic friend, we breakfasted on home made hot cross buns and Cadbury's Mini Eggs. I spent a very happy few hours reading the winter edition of Sew Somerset magazine and chatting with family on the phone.

We ended the day with what was supposed to be a short hike, to locate a derelict barn that is for sale in a nearby valley. Armed with only 2 picture from the agent's website - one of the barn itself and the other of the view so that we could guess-timate that we were in the right area. 3 hours later, and after asking directions from a friendly local we stumbled we found it! Sadly, it is not quite the dream pile of stones for us... (why? I hear you cry... well, because there is actually another building in front of it blocking the incredible view and also because the neighbour tried to set his dogs on us as we peered around it!)...  and so the adventure continues!

How did you spend your Easter?

Lisa x

{Original Easter Egg artwork by Miss Emeline-Rose Pocklington-White, aged 2 and a half. Photos by Lisa Pocklington for Get Smitten}

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