Saturday, 15 May 2010

Scandinavian Lifestyle e-mag .1 by Fryd

When I read Holly's post on e-mags earlier this week at Decor8 I just knew I would have to put a few hours aside this weekend to check out her recommendations - sometimes I feel like that lady can read my mind, I am totally on the same wavelength & have often been thinking the exact same thing as she has posted about. Weird... but also wonderful

One of the e-mags in her round-up was .1 by fryd which you can see in motion above and I must confess I am totally hooked! Creator Jeanette Lunde has compiled the most wonderful collection of images, quotations & simple projects that leave you wanting to book a last minute flight to Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo to soak up a jumbo dose of that infamous Scandinavian style. Her teal coloured love-seat (above) is divine & the little girls' dresses are too cute for words

As you know I am something of a vintage fabric junkie - in particular when it comes to the floral designs from the 60s & 70s (check out my stack of lovelies above!) and they always seem to just sing when you put them against the simplicity of white. Jeanette features photos of her daughters' rooms here & here which to me are the epitome of this much loved combination. {sigh!}

She also features several shots of mix & match vintage crockery - yep, yet another passion of mine! - with a great how-to on making your own vintage inspired cake stand. Have a look for your self right here. It really is beautiful

You can follow the inspirations & creativity of Jeanette & by fryd on her very gorgeous & beautifully personal blog here. So thank you Jeanette - I, amongst the many thousands who have viewed your new magazine, have truly been inspired. I just L O V E .1 by fryd and can't wait for issue .2

Looks like I'll have to save the rest of Holly's recommendations for another day!

{vintage fabric photo by Lisa Pocklington for Smitten with it All, embedded e-mag via ISSU, all other images by Jeanette Lunde for by fryd}

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