Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Dimension - adding tactile quality to my 2D images

I totally forget how & when I first stumbled across the magnificence that is House of 3. If you've never heard of them or never seen the fabulousness they create then pop on over to check them out right now!

Made up of 3 friends - separated by geographical location - Rhonna Farrer, Heidi Swapp & Janet Hopkins pool their talents to bring you affordable, original and downright gorgeous graphics as well as inspiration on how to put them to beautiful use.

Lisa Pocklington Textile Art Shoe Detail
 "No such thing as too many"
textile art by Lisa Pocklington

I love the femininity, fluidity & pictorial quality of their work - it reminds me of my own textile work (above) in the way that subtle colours are playing off each other & that there are layers upon layers of interest hidden there if only you look close enough. I also love to incorporate text & mixed media into my work - to me, the House of 3 graphics are the digital version of how I create.

Graphics is a new medium for me - and I must stress at this point that I do not intend to move away from textile work - but as I explore the digital world via my website, my online boutique and this blog, I find that I have been looking for a way to inject a little bit of me into it. I'm a tactile kind of gal, anything with a nice texture & I'm there. It's as though I read information through my fingertips (hmm did I say that out loud?). So sometimes graphics can feel a little stark to me. I'm thinking that with a little help from House of 3 I can make my photos & internet endeavours a bit more touchy-feely looking

Lucky for me this process happened right around the time that the ladies were offering a great summer promo & so I felt the time had come to dip my virtual toe into the world of photo manipulation/digital collage. Actually it was more of a plunge, as I splurged on several brush sets, png files, masks and even a few printables! I am still just feeling my way around the complexities of Photoshop but have so far managed to load my brushes and have a quick play. I am hoping to figure out how to add a bit of flourish to the end of each post on this blog - a bit like an auto signature. Keep your eyes posted for that one in the (hopefully!) near future and wish me luck!  x

{All images of graphics by Rhonna Farrer for House of 3, "No such thing as too many" textile art by Lisa Pocklington - photo by Jeremy Wilson}

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