Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fendi DIY Bag - the ultimate in handmade?

Off the success of the Paint-it-Yourself tote bag, Fendi have included in their Spring 2010 collection an embroiderer/fashionista's dream;  
the DIY baguette bag

Neat. You get to combine your love for high fashion with your creative eye & skillful hand. The bag comes as a kit, in tapestry canvas form, complete with needles & a selection of threads with which to work your stitchery magic. Imagine the endless possibilities of fabulousness and better still, for once you will be the owner of a totally unique designer handbag! What's not to like?
 Thus far, I'm sold on the idea. I like to customise. I like fabulous handbags. I Like to own & wear unique accessories. Then comes the part where I spit my tea out across my desk. Did you say $1000??!! Yes, my friends, this wearable tapestry kit will set you back one thousand dollars (well just under actually - you can grab one at Net-a-Porter if you happen to have a spare grand kicking around)

Part of me would like to applaud Fendi for this idea - they have embraced the handmade market and cranked it up a notch. But does the kind of gal with a habit for a 1k handbag really want to make it herself? I mean those of us who DO make our own accessories generally don't want to spend that kind of money just on the raw materials. Just imagine how much thread/yarn/fabric etc you COULD buy for a grand...... indulge me a moment; I'm imagining!

I imagine there are certain ladies out there who do like to make their own mark in fashion & who are fortunate enough to have that kind of money for a fun project. Yay for them! I also imagine that there are a larger amount of women who just like the idea of this kind of project - we've all done it; seen a great kit at a show, been inspired, then let it languish at the bottom of a drawer (hello Mum!). Now, that's a lot of money to be languishing at the bottom of a drawer!

However, it seems that someone has already thought of this & created a class at Bergdorf Goodman espesh to help those lucky ladies make that Fendi dream bag a reality. Oh to be a fly on the wall! 

{images by Net-a-Porter & Bergdorf Goodman}

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