Sunday, 27 June 2010

*Magpie* - Vintage Suitcases

The vide-grenier season is well under way here in France. It translates as "empty the attic" and is our version of a car-boot sale but without the car! If you are organised (I'm not!), prepared to travel a bit and so inclined, you can pretty much spend all weekend, every weekend through the summer months scouring other people's junk for a few new treasures!

Last weekend we hit up a local vide-grenier with only a few euros in our pockets not expecting great shakes. Amongst general clutter (yay, finally got me some cross country skis! and a couple of books) I came across these 2 identical gems at the most insanely affordable price... cue happy dance!

I've been searching for the ubiquitous vintage valise for years - after all, no stylist worth their salt ought to be without one! They have always been either too tatty or (usually) too expensive but these lovelies are in mint nick. Sure, they have signs of wear. Yep, the linen is a little grubby. But all the fasteners work, the fabric & leather trim is perfectly worn & they are a great size. I can't stop smiling when I look at them

So until they are required to strut their vintage stuff in a photo shoot, they are happily storing yarns & vintage fabrics.

Thank you lady at the vide-grenier! I am one very happy magpie x

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