Thursday, 30 June 2011

Colour Me Crazy!

Let the World Spin by Irene Suchoki

Colour plays a huge part in all areas of my life; it always has. Whether it be for work as a stylist, as a designer or in my home life, there is certain to be a colour palette involved. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was something of an obsession - I have been known to reject seating in a restaurant that clashed with my outfit and I distinctly remember shunning The Brownie Guides uniform of brown and yellow; it would take way more than the enticement of a sewing badge to get me to wear that combination I can tell you!

I will leave it until another post to show you my studio space where all my fabrics, threads and yarns are colour coded; I could go on.. but I won't... you'll only think I'm odd

What I really wanted to show you was this video I came across recently for Dulux paints - you may have already seen it as I think it may have been used as a TV commercial

How gorgeous are those pink and lilac Indian archways?! The video mesmerised me and reminded me of when I was an art student and used to take one of every single Dulux colour chart from the local DIY store. Once I had the entire spectrum I would punch a hole in one end and secure them with a large paper fastener so that I could fan them out whenever I was working and check out colour combos for a project. Ah the simple pleasures in life!

I think it's time I spent a few happy hours playing on Colour Lovers again! Harmonious colour makes my heart sing. What does colour mean to you?

Lisa x

p.s if you can't see the video in your email version, come on over to the blog!

{Let the World Spin photo by Irene Suchoki visit her Etsy shop to see more of her gorgeous images, movie by let's colour project}

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