Wednesday, 15 June 2011

*Magpie* - Vintage Orangina Glasses

When I was a little girl, one of the highlights of a family holiday or school trip to France was that I could have the oh-so-exotique pleasure of Orangina. It seemed so much more glamorous than any British drink in the early 1980s, with its curvaceous bottle and its subtle fizz; not to mention that you had to tip it upside-down before opening to release the tiny, orangey bits! To me it was the epitomy of stylish French living - along with NafNaf and Chipie for the coolest of stationery (I would spend hours drooling over the ranges of fountain pens, ring binders and pencil tins... happy days!)

Orangina Posters by Bernard Villemot

I acquired this set of vintage Orangina glasses at a local vide grenier earlier this year - the kind old lady on the stall gifted them to me when I bought a big stack of vintage books, all fabulously faded shades of pistachio green, from her
I love the stylised 70s vibe. It reminds me of the classic British cartoon from the same era; Crystal Tips and Alistair. Do you remember it? It was all psychedelic colours and crazy hair

I'm still partial to a glass of Orangina even now... and woe betide the waiter who tries to fob me off with an inferior can of Fanta. Just sayin'

Lisa x

{photo by Lisa Pocklington featuring my actual french exercise book from school!}

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