Monday, 14 March 2011

Colour Love: My New Favourite Toy!

This weekend I treated myself to a few guilt-free hours on a site I've been wanting to investigate for a while: ColourLovers. It is one of those sites that I may have to impose a time limit to being on for fear that I would lose most of the day otherwise! Endless possibilities of colour adventures not to mention the interaction with other members who can (and do!) pass comment on your creations

I remember when I studied textile design at Uni that I became fascinated with the world of colour trend prediction - an area I still feel inspired by to this day - and I regularly check up on current trends in colour palettes to feed my addiction and to double check that I am heading in the 'right' direction (commercially speaking) with my design work... but I digress!

So with my new Colour Lovers profile created, I plan to make weekly visits there & create colour palettes from my collection of vintage fabrics and many of the vintage treasures I have found over the years - then I'll pop back here to share them with you! Sharing is caring!

The site allows you to play around at many levels with colour - creating & naming colours, palettes and then using them to make patterns. For my first 'project' I took my Get Smitten website header and used it to create a palette.

The Colour Lovers system then asked me to name the colours (once a colour is named by a member it keeps that name throughout the site & can be used by other members in their projects)

I then took the Get Smitten palette and used it to colour a pre-made pattern which I named Cherry Pop (below) - I love the retro 1950's vibe. Wouldn't this make fabulous fabric?! Which brings me neatly on to the other possibilities within the site. Colour Lovers has teamed up with Spoonflower - a very smart on-demand fabric printer (more on them another time!) - to allow you to order up small runs of the pattern you have just designed and Imagekind to order prints or artwork of your colour creations. Pure genius

I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of my weekly colour fix adventures & hope they provide you with some colour inspiration too! Look out for the weekly posts entitled Colour Love

Lisa x

p.s - if you are already a Colour Lover yourself - let's be friends!

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