Thursday, 3 March 2011

Organizing the Bookcase

psst, hello! I'm back... the hiatus was a little longer than I'd anticipated; I was recovering from an op pre Christmas and had promised myself a decent recovery period... but February came & went (mostly visiting family who I was unable to see over Christmas) and oops, now it's March!

Sometimes life goes like that and you just have to ride the wave. I have had plenty of time for reflection (one of the positive outcomes of illness I believe) and begun implementing certain changes both in my lifestyle and for my fledgling business - more on that another time!

One thing I've learned of late is to listen to my intuition more - our inner voice (our real inner voice, not the sometimes snidey one that pops up to crtiticise us, but the one that is deep within us and knows our greatest desires and dreams) speaks to us often and we are not attuned to heeding its wisdom. I have decided to be kinder to myself and listen more often to this inner voice - afterall this is where our authenticity & truth resides. If I feel tired, I allow myself a nap. If I don't get a blog post written for almost 3 months, I don't beat myself up over it.

And so my return to blogging is marked with this wonderful animation called 'Organizing the Bookshelf' as I feel I have being doing something along the same lines with my life of late. I love the beauty and simplicity of this video and those who know me will attest to my near obsession in having things organised by colour! Enjoy!

Lisa xx

video by Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp & Sean Ohlenkamp

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