Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lazy Sunday Crafternoon

Despite waking up to snow this morning (!!) I've had a very lovely lazy Sunday today, kicked off by a bit of Pilates and followed by a rather cheeky breakfast of American style pancakes with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and lashings of maple syrup! Seriously divine

I have the inlaws here for a couple of days (hence the elaborate breckie) and we dragged them around a couple of nearby Brocantes, which yielded a few new treasures. I'll let the images speak for themselves!

Here's my haul: a vintage pillow slip, a rusty alarm clock (been looking for one as a styling prop for ages), some vintage lace and a couple of books (again to use as props). I couldn't resist the Parti de Liverpool as that's where I'm originally from! I'm still thinking about the very gorgeous, floral painted sewing machine... why, why, why didn't I buy it??!! I wonder if the vendor will be at the Brocante next weekend too. I have my fingers crossed; such a beauty!

The snow soon turned to grey drizzle, so I spent the rest of the day flicking through the latest issue of my new favourite magazine; Mollie Makes. Have you read it yet? I love the mix of handmade, vintage and style - it's a far cry from most of the craft interest mags out there in terms of trends and style and is always packed full of great ideas. Check out the website here to see what I mean

And with my knitting escapades currently occupying a lot of my spare time, I took the opportunity to learn from a master. MIL is a great knitter and so I asked her to show me a few tricks and tips in the hopes that I can make it look as effortless as she (and let's face it, everyone else) makes it look! Breaking each manoeuvre into slow motion steps is quite tricky when you are used to going at full speed; I remember doing the same thing when I first began teaching crochet workshops. But with some persistence and a few awkward finger movements I am finally able to knit without having to take my whole hand off the needle to wrap the wool around each stitch, hooray!

What did you get up to today?

Lisa x

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