Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Chocolatey Aftermath!

Just checking in on you to see that you had a lovely Easter weekend! I was organised enough for once to actually get some festive decorations going around the house - quite pleased with myself as I often feel as though I spend too much time chasing my tail!

I gathered some willow branches from down by the river and popped them into a tall vase - some still had the soft, silvery buds that remind me of rabbit paws while others had already burst into a fuzzy yellow haze! I'm very much loving the yellow and grey colour combo these days and with the added pop of pink from my kitschy, rabbit candle and most creative, handmade card from my niece, I think it gives off a pretty, Easter-y vibe!

I also had a table centrepiece combining my favourite spring bulbs in vintage clay pots. They all came into bloom just in time and although now looking a little passed it, they still smell wonderful - there are Hyacinths, mini daffs and some tiny blue Muscari. I'm going to plant them in the communal garden at the front of the house so that they come up for next spring too

We didn't go too crazy on the chocolate this year - in fact most of it came courtesy of my family in the delicious form of Cadbury Mini Eggs; a serious weekness of mine! Typically, JW scoffed his quota in record time while I am still hoarding a secret few of mine to make them last! We have been feasting on my homemade Hot Cross Buns though - I used cranberries rather than raisins and added some orange essence into the mixture for the crosses - very tasty when toasted and washed down with a nice cup of tea!

And of course the slightly demented looking crochet bunnies were on an international journey to their new homes with my nieces. I think they'll be very happy there

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


{all images © Lisa Pocklington for Get Smitten using Instagram}

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