Monday, 30 January 2012

*Magpie* - Like Crochet Doilies for Snowflakes

On one of my recent magpie hunting trips to a huge brocante, I was lucky enough to score some top quality, beautifully hand crafted, vintage crochet doilies. They were not the usual op shop/charity shop prices but sometimes it really is worth paying more for such gems; and judging by the exquisite workmanship of these beauties and the intricacy of the designs, I am happy to have invested in some glorious textile heritage

Each design is totally unique and perfect. It struck me how similar they are to snowflakes; both in their individuality as well as their beauty

There is something quite magical about the serenity and purity of snowflakes, don't you agree? These vintage doilies hold the same appeal to me; I am completely captivated by them and would love to incorporate them into my home decor somehow

I'm not sure what plans I have for them as yet - perhaps as the collection grows I will have them framed against a deep grey background and hung on the wall, or maybe I'll sew them all together to make a beautiful curtain or bed throw

Until a decision is made though, I shall just get them out once in a while to coo over them and caress their crisp perfection (...oops did I say that out loud?!)

Lisa x

{all images by Lisa Pocklington}


  1. Hi Lisa, would you consider it blasphemy if I suggested that they might look nice on a pretty china plate with a few queen cakes on top? They make me want to sit down with a cuppa tea and a nice piece of sponge!!

    1. Hi Emma... as it's you, no I don't! So long as you share that nice piece of sponge with me!!


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