Thursday, 5 January 2012

2012 a year for change

As the first week of 2012 draws to a close I feel ready to decide on my word of the year. I already have a taster of what I feel lies ahead for me this year.. which is revealing in itself as previously I have had no idea. I have recently come through a very dark and lonely period of my life and feel as though I am seeing the world - my world - through a new pair of eyes. The personal work I have been focusing on for the past 18 months is really now showing signs of coming to fruition and for the first time in along time, I feel ripe for the plucking! (if you'll pardon the expression!)

I have fought demons, shone light into dark corners and wrestled mindsets. I have cleansed, purged and forged new habits. I have learned so much and have let a lot of things go. Change is already happening - for the better - and I am ready for more. I know that there are more things that I will need to let go this year and I can feel a lot of resistance around this. I am trusting that the outcome will be the right one

And this is why I have chosen Clarity as my word of the year for 2012. It is time to get clear on what my destiny is, make some decisions and take some action. I have been wandering aimlessly for too long and life feels too short to live that way

I also have a feeling that once clarity has done its work, the real changes will happen fast and so I am offering myself a second word to use in its place, when the time is right. That word is Purpose. It's time to live life with purpose and on purpose, but first I need the clarity with which to do that

I am scared but excited

I hope you'll join me for the ride

Lisa x

To read more about having a word for the year, read this great article by my friend Katy at Success for Solopreneurs - she explains it really well

And for help choosing your own word of the year, try Christine Kane's Word of the Year discovery tool

2012 crafty calendar by Mandi Cromer for Design Birdie

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  1. Lisa, you are such a kindred spirit! Clarity was my word for 2011 and once I sought it out I found it (and you via 2 sources!). I can relate to how you feel about floundering! Just voicing your decision to seek clarity and being committed to clearing out those old patterns and webs will inevitably bring it! I can't wait to see how things progress for you. I've also added the word purpose (as in I will "soar" with "purpose"). Woo hoo!! Make it happen in 2012!


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