Monday, 2 May 2011

In Stitches... Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

I know the Royal Wedding has been all over every possible media outlet for what seems like forever already but I really couldn't let the special holiday weekend pass by with out mentioning what I consider to be the best Royal Wedding memorabilia to date

Being slightly removed from the full magnitude of the nuptials out here in France I can only speculate on the manner of available commemorative tat being thrust at the British public - although I have seen mention of Wills and Kate paper sick-bags. 'nuff said

You can keep your Royal emblazoned mugs, your plates and your tea towels my friends for who needs such practical items when they can knit their very own Royal Wedding! Yes, you heard me right.... you can actually knit all the members of the Royals to re-enact this historical, momentous occasion. I for one would make that kiss on the balcony a little longer.... all those people walking miles for a glimpse of the magical moment and you could have missed it in a blink!

I captured the moment on my camera! I took the day off in patriotic support; dressed up, dusted off the tiara and joined a group of multi-national friends to drink Champagne, eat cucumber sandwiches and scoff cake. And for the record, I thought Kate's dress was exquisite; very Grace Kelly

My lovely Mum posted me a copy of this brilliant book - sadly (or perhaps that should be luckily!) it did not arrive in time for me to knit up even a Corgi but I have to say that the attention to detail in the patterns are comically fabulous. Congratulations to designer Fiona Goble for genuinely capturing the characters of the Royals and the Archbishop of Canterbury so well; I think my fave is her interpretation of the Archbishop - although I would be very tempted to use a mohair yarn to really emphasize that wild hair!

I seriously doubt whether this book will get much use but I am delighted to have it on my bookshelf. You can grab your self a copy on Amazon here

And if you want still more Royal Wedding madness, then check out this fun video by T Mobile

Ok, Royal Wedding mentions now totally over. Promise

Lisa x

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