Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pretty Things That Go Bump In The Night

Always ready for an excuse to be glamourous here at Get Smitten HQ, I decided that Halloween should be no different. Here's a quick round up of some less ghoulish ideas I found across the internet today

I'm loving the sophisticated air of white pumpkins this year - instructions for the lace covered one pictured above can be found at Better Homes and Gardens. You could always make it even simpler for yourself by pulling a lace stocking over it... just a thought!

Martha Stewart can always be counted on for coming up with a fabulous idea - however I think the intricate carving on these lace and lattice effect pumpkins may be beyond most of our capabilities... aren't they beautiful though?!

And how about a little bejazzling of your pumpkin? Stick-on crystals can be applied to make an elegant sparkly spider's web or try a more abstract, Tim Burton-esque design of swirls.

Being a fan of vintage, I love these old printing press letters via Cupcake Kid on Etsy and these wrought-iron effect black heart garlands by Bookity

Continuing the Tim Burton reference (I'm a HUGE fan by the way!) how about this beautiful French lace cardigan by Inna Plastilina as an elegant take on The Corpse Bride and this incredible hand-knitted skeleton dress by designer Rose Tung for your own Nightmare Before Christmas...

And if, like me, you prefer to stay chic in black (I'll be wearing my 'new' vintage black leather pencil skirt this Halloween), how about a subtle nod to the occasion with this printed brass skeleton cuff by Jezebel Charms or this crystal and cross iphone case by Butler and Wilson (love their crystal skull earrings too!)

How do you celebrate Halloween? And what costume will you be wearing this year? I'll be rustling up a couple of lace covered pumpkins I think, and indulging in a Tim Burton-a-thon of my favourite spooky movies

Lisa x

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