Thursday, 1 September 2011

Smitten with September

It's September right? Good; this means that I can officially start getting excited about knitwear and yarns. Not that I'm not excited about them for the rest of the year you understand, it's just that once September kicks in I am likely to have a few more people to share this passion with! Hurrah!

I adore September - the crisp blue skies, the low but warm sun, the smell of Autumn approaching, the textures in nature and most of all the fact that you can snuggle into a cardi or drape yourself in a scarf whilst still wearing shorts!

So what's on the cards at Get Smitten then? I hear you cry. Well, the Get Hooked! learn to crochet workshops will commence, followed by a short series of workshops in which we will make some small items... I'm currently working on the designs right now and have selected the perfect tweedy yarn for one of them already!

Local boutiques will take stock of my latest range of hand crocheted beanies - there's plenty of sparkle, texture and floppiness to be seen this year

There will be online tutorials for crochet projects - hopefully with video! (gulp!)

I will be harvesting yarn from pre-loved garments, brocantes and charity shops to use in my work

And for personal happiness I will be adding the finishing rounds to my utterly gorgeous crochet blanket, trying my hand at crocheting socks (not sure why but feel I ought to give it a go!) and dusting off the knitting needles to make myself a cashmere cardigan from a vintage pattern

Nothing too ambitious there then!

Naturally, I'll keep you in the loop (crochet pun intended!) with my yarn adventures and hopefully inspire you to have a go yourself. It's easier than you think! You'll love it, I promise

Lisa x

{image by Funkyarns - visit their etsy store for the most gorgeous hand-dyed yarns you've ever seen!}

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