Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Valentine's Wish List (hint hint!)

It's Wednesday afternoon & Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday, so I've left it a tad late I know! But, for what its worth, here is my little wish list...

Paris: Made by Hand by Pia Jane Bejkerk

First is this book of hand selected places in Paris to find wonderful hand-made lovliness. It is by the amazingly talented Pia Jane Bijkerk - a stylist working between Sydney, Amsterdam & Paris and is basically an all singing, all dancing, full colour version of her stylist's little black book (we all have one you know!) Her blog is both beautiful & inspirational, you have to check it out! Jez & I are seriously overdue a trip to Paris & I ain't going without this baby tucked into my weekend bag!

Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price & Emily Laxer

Second is another little book, again on the Paris trip theme but this time covering all the best flea markets & Brocantes to find vintage treasures. I stumbled across it while searching for Pia's book & well, while you're at the bookstore you may as well get both! This covers the whole of France so it will be invaluable in hunting down wonderful new bits & pieces throughout the year as we travel around on photo shoots

Third is the box set of Flight of the Conchords - Series 1 & 2. These guys make me laugh so much, I never tire of watching them. I would love to catch a live performance & had actually watched all of their live clips on YouTube before I had seen a single episode of the series. Pure genius

So many clips to choose from, but here is a live version of "It's Business Time"

Finally, and most unlikely (as they have all already sold out), is one of the totally incredible, limited edition Rob Ryan Valentine lasercuts. Swoon. Image from the Rob Ryan blog. Oh if only I had seen it earlier!

To be honest, we rarely exchange gifts on Valentine's day - for us it's more about sharing a day together & usually revolves around food! (I'll be posting my fave Valentine's dessert recipe later.) This year we plan to take the cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi (it's right behind our house) and catch the adjoining Helbronner cable car over into Italy for a high altitude coffee & ice-cream. Hope it's a sunny day - the views will be breathtaking!

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